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International Casinos Consultants are experienced in all departments of casino operations and can prepare a consultancy mission depending on the demands and needs of their clients. ICC can organize the management of your casino, the complete set up of your new location and advise you on how to improve certain departments. ICC are qualified to reply to all of your casino questions.


ICC have over 25 years experience in the management of casinos in numerous countries on both sides of the Atlantic. ICC has the ability to adapt to the location and manage your casino following the local rules and regulations.

Casino Set Up

ICC can offer you a full turn key casino set up, to include:

- research for new location

- licensing

- floor plans

- recruitment & training

- marketing

- gaming equipment & machines

Advise & Evaluate

Having 40 years in the gaming industry ICC has the ability and the experience to quickly understand casino operations and to be able to evaluate them.

ICC has experience in all casino sectors and can advise on adjustments to improve the operation.

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